A few weeks ago, I was inspired by a video of Kirball demonstrating how to make Loob-3g for lubing switches using the Gazzew Method.

Required materials

How to thin lube

  1. Add 10g of Molykote EM-30L to the Ziplock bag
  2. Add 1g (10%) of MICROLUBROL MicroSyn 1000 to the Ziplock bag
  3. Push air out of the bag and close it
  4. Add Ziplock bag for around 3 minutes to the bowl with warm water
  5. Remove Ziplock from warm water bath and kneet the bag - in between, keep scraping the contents of the bag to the bottom of the Ziplock bag using the old credit card and repeat kneeting until you don’t see any separated oil
  6. Scrape contents of the bag down to the bottom
  7. Repeat the process (1. to 6.) two more times
  8. Fill contents of the Ziplock bag into a dropper bottle which makes applying the lube much more easier and faster

Kudos to u/hbheroinbob AKA Gazzew who originally posted the tutorial on how to thin lube over at reddit as well as Kirball for producing the above videos!

Tags: Loob-3g, mechanical keyboards, MICROLUBROL MicroSyn 1000, Molykote EM-30L

This page was last updated on: 18. May 2022