Sometimes I want to listen to a certain music track and enjoy it. For this case I’ve created a small shell script to be able to access it quickly by using the power of dmenu.


After executing the script, I use a shortcut to launch it, in the first step all directories contained in my Music share are listed. After one of them got selected the contained tracks are displayed. Finally, after selecting an audio file the track will be played via mpv.

There is no playlist function or similar only playing that single selection. To satisfy this need there are plenty of other nice solutions like ncmpcpp which I use to listen to a set of shorter (3-5 minutes) audio files. The solution discussed here is for quick-shot-cherry-picking 😛.

Download location

If you are interested but to lazy to copy and paste you can grab it off my Git repository.

Tags: dmenu, mp3, shell-scripting

This page was last updated on: 15. May 2022