Starting in 1989, I’ve used to use Microsoft operating systems - yes, I’ve also used DOS. Out of personal interest (anno 2000), later also for professional reasons (anno 2003 and 2008), I successfully passed a whole lot of Microsoft certification exams and got MCSA/MCSE 2000 and 2003 as well as MCITP SA/EA 2008, respectively, certified. After 2½ decades of Microsoft OS’s, at some time in 2014, I got bored of those and thought it would be time to leave Bill’s and Paul’s playground.

So I became a Mac OS user for about two years - one of my dumbest choices - sleek, dazzling hardware at excessive, monetary conditions. Fuck, battery life was insane, for which I loved my MacBook! Unfortunately, the company has understood very well to significantly decelerate the noble hardware (Intel i7, 16 GB RAM) with each OS update 😥. This was the main reason to turn my back on this ecosystem and a new, exciting alternative was found quite quickly.

In April 2016 I decided to take my final step and jumped into the Linux universe, which was one of my wisest decisions. The first distribution I’ve used was Ubuntu 16.04 and after round about four years of Ubuntu/Debian derivates, in mid 2020, I’ve switched to Arch Linux + Spectr WM which was the initiator of a mostly CLI concentric use of Linux. At some point in January 2021 I started to use Arch Linux + DWM. Not really an expert, but well experienced, I can say, that I’ve learned a whole lot in that CLI concentric time, much more as while using GUI base applications! Meanwhile the only GUI application I use is a web browser as exploring the WWW via terminal applications is a pain in the butt.

In the past I have worked as a lecturer as well as a system administrator. Hobbies are my little dog, reading and tinkering (IT-wise). Due to my various chronic diseases, I am retired. One of them is Multiple Sclerosis, which is also the reason why I am running this homepage/blog, since my brain and thus my memory is severely impaired, I will place notes and instructions on my blog that I think are worth documenting so I can refer back to them later. I am also a free software enthusiast who loves learning new things.


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Contribution to a de-bloated web

As big fan of minimalism this is also reflected on this website - here you neither find annoying analytics bullshit, or cookies nor will you be penetrated by trackers of any kind. Also out of focus is the use of JS - I solely rely on HTML and internal CSS via <style> element. Moreover, this website is a proud member of the 250kb, 512kb and no-JS club which is the successor of Karan Goel’s noJS club.

This page was last updated on: 6. July 2022